Orthotics & Supports

Sports Injuries | Sprains | Arthritis Pains | Structural Support

We carry a wide selection of quality low price orthotics and support braces designed to help you manage your pain and stay active. Supports that help reduce pain and discomfort associated with injuries, accidents, arthritis, and repetitive stressors to tendons and muscles. With many sizes and styles to choose from, just call us for product availability.


We carry walkers, chairs, crutches & canes.



Walkers provide additional support to maintain balance or stability while walking. Mobility aids help avoid and sometimes prevent unnecessary injuries.


Walking Canes

The simplest form of a walking aid. Supports and transfers a load of weight through the shaft to the floor. Available in different styles and colors.



For short term injuries to long-term disabilities. Crutches help transfer weight from your legs to your upper body for better balance.


Shower Chair

For assistance in the shower, these chairs boast a non-slip seat and backrest to provide safety and stability while bathing.