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Free Blood Pressure Testing

High blood pressure increases the risk of heart failure, heart attack’s, stroke, and kidney failure. Most patients can’t tell if their blood pressure is high because there are usually no symptoms, however, blood pressure measurements can help determine if your medicine and diet are working.

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Free Blood Glucose Monitoring

Blood glucose tests measure the amount of a type of sugar called glucose in your blood which come from carbohydrate foods. High glucose levels can cause damage to your eyes, kidneys, nerves, and blood vessels. Patients with diabetes must monitor their blood glucose levels regularly to prevent major health issues.

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Free Consultations

Your Simon’s Discount Pharmacy specialist can provide you with a free consultation to determine the best medication for your symptoms and health needs. Our pharmacists and staff will work closely with your doctors and health care professionals to ensure the best possible outcome.

Medication Monitoring

The experienced staff of Pharmacists and technicians here at Simon’s Discount Pharmacy will ensure you get your medications and supplies in a timely and consistent manner every month by closely monitoring your supplies and intake.